Fallen Silhouette

She likes her dress neatly pressed.

Her lips so red you can’t guess she drank, blood or wine.

She sells her body on a weekly basis

Just to fill her tummy with handful of yummies.

Her voice so divinely distressed,

You could mistake her for an angel thats lost her taste,

who’s always on high end pills, alcohols and stress.


Her face covered deep in men.

Every night she can’t stop this trend.

No way out.

Her skin so numb.

Now maybe thats the way it is.


Lost in the confusion of living.

She’s tired, she stops believing.

When will this end?

Today? Tomorrow? The weekend?

Love’s lost, mind’s distraught, her soul is done for.

But she’s still living.

Still hoping for a miracle.


She thought a miracle came in him.

The guy with the blue eyes.

Did everything that made things so right.

Love was back, mind was calm and her soul was filled.

Things he did for her, some cannot be described by words.

She though the bad days were over.

But, was it?


Things went from good to bad.

His blue eyes started to go black.

He sucked her life out.

Broken, battered and bruised, she felt, left out, again..

She screamed with all the energy that was left in her

Hoping he would turn around and go back to her.


But no,

Her face again, covered deep in men,

She wanted so much to stop this trend.

Again, there was no way out.

Her skin so numb.

Now maybe, thats just the way it was.


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