Beautiful disaster.

She’s a beautiful disaster.
She makes me feel happy and sad at the same time.
Whenever we’re together, my soul’s at peace.
I smile and laugh uncontrollably.
I feel like she’s the only person that makes me feel this way.
And, whenever she’s not there, I don’t know myself.
When she’s not there, I feel lost.
When she’s not there, my smiles slowly disappear.
Whenever she’s not there, I think to myself, “what would I do without her?”

It’s crazy what a person does to you.
It’s crazy how these feelings generates as time goes by.
It’s scary how a person does that to you.
Cause once this happens, its so hard to go back to how you were before.
And the most craziest part of what I’m going through is that,
She’s not even mine.
Not mine to save.
Not mine to hug when she’s lonely.
Not mine to hold when she’s tired.
Not mine to wipe away those tears when she cries.
Not mine to say, “I love you and I’m here for you.”
Not mine to say, “everything’s gonna be alright.” When things go against her.
She’s not mine.
She’ll never be mine.
Cause someone as beautiful as her can only be a dream for me.
She’s such a beautiful disaster.


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