Thoughts of the unattended.

The whole idea of me getting lost with you
is quiet spectacular.
Getting lost in your company, is
something i’d love.
Escaping from reality
that’s life.

The hurdles we gotta face
would be oblivious if You and I were in sync.
Maybe that’s what we long.
A break from this deficient world might just set us free.

Could it be that I’m being too absurd?
Or this idea of me being lost with you sounds fitting?
I’m terrified to see what this world has come to.
Pairing the wrong being together.
Just to see them fall out of affection.
Why can’t it be just You and me from the beginning?
Why commence with an affliction when we could’ve embarked on ardency?
Those are the things that annoy me.
Which would’ve easily been evaded if only we could’ve paired up sooner.
So that, we could’ve avoided all the other agony we went through when we were with another being.
Because honestly, the whole idea of me getting lost with you, still sounds spectacular to me.


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